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Confessions of a Trolley Dolly IFE – Comedy Zone.

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the ‘Video Zone’ of your Confessions of a Trolley Dolly Inflight Entertainment (IFE) system.

Here you can watch a variety of aviation comedy and cabin crew spoofs from the comfort of your own seat.

The cabin crew will shortly be passing through the cabin with a complimentary pair of tangled headphones for your convenience.

Please now sit back, relax and enjoy the movies.

COATD IFEPam Ann for British Airways

To begin the countdown, we must start with the queen of Cabin Crew, the wonderful Miss Pam Ann, who in 2007 joined forces with British Airways to help ‘The world’s favourite’ recruitment drive. The advert shows Pam Ann onboard for her first day as a BA horse, sorry hostie. Watch as she greets the passengers in ‘Italian’, messes up the safety demo and inflight service and is promptly sacked, before stealing all the miniatures. Apparently, Pam hasn’t ‘got what it takes to be British Airways cabin crew’. On the contrary, who wouldn’t love to have Pam Ann onboard one of their flights

Air Afrikaans

Next up we see the glamorous girls of Air Afrikaans, a spoof South African airline created for the hit Channel 4 comedy show Beehive. There are so many parts of the sketch we as crew have all done, I mean, who hasn’t jokingly judged each passenger as they board the aircraft. “Beef or cow?”, is their hilarious take on the usual ‘beef or chicken’ and the girls could really show the US Air Marshall’s a thing or two about dealing with a terrorists.

Yorkshire Airlines

Before Jet2, there was the wonderful ‘Yorkshire Airlines’, created by the comedy duo Hale and Pace for their hit TV series. I absolutely LOVE this sketch, especially the safety demo. “Right you lot, Shut up, belt up and if you can’t see the bloody exits you must be bloody blind!”. It is exactly how I imagine life to be onboard any Jet2 flight to ‘Leeds International Airport’. Whether your sat in Working class or up front in Alan Bennett class, let’s go ‘Aye up and away, with Yorkshire Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Rapping FA

Last, but by no means least is that crazy son of a bitch rapping Southwest Flight Attendant. His original welcome onboard and safety demo rap has been viewed over 3 million times and he has become an airline celebrity around the world. His take on the usually mundane onboard announcements has also become the point of much discussion in airline classrooms around the world. At first watch and for the non-travelling public, his rap his hilarious. However, put a passenger on that flight who has just received bad news, had a stressful day or a nervous flyer and this could be a recipe for disaster. What do you think about the rapping flight attendant? Let us know in the comments below.

© by Dan Air

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