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Virgin Atlantic – Flying in the Face of Ordinary!

Some years ago, a young Richard Branson had been on holiday with his wife to be in the British Virgin Islands. Waiting to catch a flight to Puerto Rico, it was announced that their American Airlines service had been cancelled. Branson called a charter company and enquired about hiring a plane to fly himself and the other stranded passenger to Puerto Rico. It would cost $2,000 and if he could fill the flight it would be $39 each. Making his way round the airport and advertising the ‘Virgin Airways’ flight, he quickly sold all of the seats and they were on their way. As the lucky set of passengers disembarked, one man turned to Mr Branson and said, “Virgin Airways isn’t too bad. Smarten up the service a little and you could be in business”.

Six years later on June 22, 1984 the first Virgin Atlantic flight took off from London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW), bound for New York Newark (EWR), using a leased Boeing 747-200 (G-VIRG) called ‘Maiden Voyager’.

The rest as they say is history and what a history it has been. From battles with British Airways (BA), to breaking new ground with constant innovations and re-inventions, Virgin Atlantic is a name now synonymous with style, glitz and ‘Bringing Back The Glamour’.


Here we take a look back at one of the worlds best-loved airlines with some historic pictures.

Simply click on one of the pictures to enter our Virgin Atlantic gallery.

Virgin has also been renowned for their iconic TV adverts, some of which can be found here –

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for this fabulous airline? Check out our ‘Day in the Life’ look at being a Virgin Atlantic hostie. And for more information on the carriers iconic uniform, head over to our ‘Style in the Aisles’ Top Ten Cabin Crew Uniforms of 2014.

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