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SKYPRO Cabin Crew Uniforms ‘Feel The Ultimate Care’

Skypro is the leading uniform supplier for cabin crew and pilots. They were the first in the world to manufacture certified footwear for aviation professionals and today, the company is using the latest technologies to develop a full collection of uniform pieces, dressing cabin crew and pilots from head to toe.

The Skypro team work with some of the world’s leading airlines, including TAP Air PortugalVirgin Atlantic and Aegean Airlines, who have all featured in our Style in the Aisles Top 10 Cabin Crew Uniforms’ lists.


Skypro footwear is not only uber-stylish and ultra comfortable, they are also state-of-the-art. Using a dedicated team of researchers and developers the shoes are Anti-static, no more electric shocks when touching the galley or passengers. Anti-Skid, putting an end to the fear of falling flat on your face! The anti skid is achieved by – innovative outsole materials with suitable superior slip resistance; specific groove orientation and design and improved ground/shoe interaction. Best of all, Skypro shoes are Alarm-Free, no more taking them off as we go through security which can be a real headache.

infografias_skypro_comercial_masculinoI own two pairs of Skypro shoes and after being crippled by work footwear in the past, my ‘Oleg Antonov’ and ‘Otto Lilienthal’ are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Even after a long day at 35,000 feet, they do not rub, my feet never ache or feel tired and thankfully, there’s no innocuous odours when I finally take them off. Once you’ve tried these shoes, you won’t go back. If you don’t believe me, check out the video highlighting all the benefits of their fabulous footwear.


The latest uniform collection from Skypro is an exciting new underwear range for airline professionals, using the brands ‘Fullsense Skyprotect’ technology which includes –

  • Thermal Sense technology which regulates the body temperature and protects against extreme cold or sudden temperature drops. This high-performance fibre helps the body breathe and feels as natural as cotton.
  • Thermodynamic Care, which is designed with NASA certified Space Technology. It uses 100% natural fibres and helps stabilize the body temperature by absorbing excess heat in high temperatures & releasing it in cold temperatures.
  • Slim Fit technology, helping to improve posture and provides a slimmer appearance. It’s designed with comfortable materials that make it invisible under clothing. The materials are comfortable, letting you wear it all day long.
  • MySkin technology, that feels just like a second skin because it adapts to your body, giving you more comfort. The thread is thinner, so the fabric is more elastic and it doesn’t lose its shape in the wash.

Thermodynamic Care Mens Undershirt

My favourite piece is the Thermodynamic Care shortsleeve mens Undershirt. I have been wearing this garment during the freezing winter months and its ‘Thermal Sense/Thermodynamic Care’ technology is fantastic, keeping me at the perfect temperature both outside and onboard the aircraft. Comfort is key, especially during long flights and the undershirt really does feel like a second skin, allowing you to move about freely and unrestricted.


As well as footwear and crew clothing, Skypro offers a range of accessories to complement all uniforms for flight and cabin crew, including handbags, gloves and pilot epaulets.

I own a pair of SKYPRO’s ‘Central Park’ men’s gloves, made in Portugal of 100% lambskin leather. The gloves are uber stylish and fit with any airline uniform. The flexible leather allows you to carry out your duties, while the soft lining keeps your hands warm on the coldest of days.

Central Park Mens Leather Gloves.All products come with free shipping (only for countries inside the European Union) and a 60 day returns policy, not that you’ll need it.

Also, the wonderful folks at Skypro have also been kind enough to offer a discount to all my lovely followers. Simply add the code SKYPRO.TROLLEYDOLLY when you head to the checkout to receive a fantastic 15% off every purchase you make.

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7 Comments on SKYPRO Cabin Crew Uniforms ‘Feel The Ultimate Care’

  1. Hi there
    I would really like to own a pair and more of your shoes especially after the company issued ones have left my toed with ugly and annoying corns. Im in Nairobi Kenya. I cannot access the purchase page hence I have no idea how much they cost per pair.

  2. blue mangoes // 23/08/2014 at 1:04 AM // Reply

    SKYPRO.TROLLEYDOLLY discount promo code DOES NOT WORK and says “Voucher name invalid” for your Australian readers when tying to use the Australian website …

  3. Heidi panesar // 06/10/2014 at 12:02 AM // Reply

    Love the sound of this,where to get them?

  4. lisa anderl // 29/10/2014 at 3:21 AM // Reply

    I tried the discount promo code and it did not work

  5. Discount code is working on the version of the site.

  6. Don’t waste your money. I bought Polly Vacher cabin shoes and the dye came off on my feet! They were also uncomfortable. I contacted the company to complain and their response was “This doesn’t happen with our shoes, they can not be returned.” So even though i still have the faulty shoes they are calling me a liar and don’t even want the shoes returned to analyse them. I have been crew for 10 years and these are the worst cabin shoes i’ve ever purchased.

  7. Looks like Lloyds

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