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Remembering US Airways

On the evening of Friday 16, October 2015 the final US Airways flight took to the skies, marking the end of one of America’s oldest and most well know airlines.

Operated by an Airbus A321, Flight 1939 named for the airlines founding year, departed San Francisco for its red-eye flight to Philadelphia. The aircraft had left its home base Philadelphia a day earlier for its nostalgic round trip journey, making scheduled stops in Charlotte, North Carolina, which had grown to become US Airways biggest base in the past decade; Phoenix, former home of its 2004 merger partner America West and finally San Francisco.

Celebrations were held along the route, with passengers on the final flight raising a champagne toast to the airline. “We definitely wanted to give a nod to US Airways and everyone that helped us build this airline,” American Airlines spokeswoman Martha Thomas told USA TODAY. “We wanted to make it a special experience for employees and customers”.

In February 2013 it was announced that US Airways would be merging with American Airlines, creating the worlds largest airline. Although US Airways flights are now consigned to the history books, certain parts of the carrier will hang on a little longer. It will take American until “late 2016” to repaint all of its planes in the colors of the new American and flight attendant uniforms will remain until updated uniforms for all cabin crews are introduced sometime next year.

Here in our US Airways photo gallery, we take a look back at the history of one of America’s biggest airlines and yet another iconic name to disappear from our skies.

Simply click on one of the images below to view –

Also, check out our ‘Angels of the Sky’ stories relating to US Airways, starting with Ruth Carol-Taylor, America’s first black flight attendant and the incredible and often forgotten story of three flight attendants who helped saved the lives of everyone onboard Cactus 1549, The miracle on the Hudson.

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