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Our Favourite Memories of Flying

Ever since I was a child and my father and I used to cycle to our local airport to watch the aeroplanes coming and going, I have always dreamt of a job in the skies. My favourite memory of flying has to be my first ever flight as cabin crew, many years ago. I was so nervous but so excited at the same time. I couldn’t believe I’d actually made it through all the intensive training and was finally in the air. I savoured every second, even the torrent of abuse I received from a lady who handed me her false leg, whilst seated at an emergency exit row, who I subsequently had to move. According to my purser I handled it very well, even though it didn’t feel like it at the time.

I recently asked my wonderful Facebook followers to tell me some of their favourite memories of flying, either as a passenger or whilst working as crew. From meeting your idols to having your photo taken in the engine I had some brilliant replies and here are some of my favourites.

If you have any to add please pop them in the comments box below, or feel free to email me and i’ll include them here.

“When I was 7 years old my grandfather sadly passed away. Every weekend he would take me to the airport to watch the planes. Together we would watch aeroplane films, read books and magazines, anything aircraft related. He always knew that I loved Concorde and New York and after his death I was called to the solicitors. He handed me a letter, which had written on it ‘55,000 ft, Mach 2, Buckle up buddy!’. When I opened the envelope there were two return tickets, LHR-JFK on Concorde. A few weeks later my Nana and I boarded the incredible jet at Heathrow. The smell of the cabin, the leather seats, the crockery, the cutlery, all unforgettable, as was our five days in NYC staying at the Waldorf Astoria. At the age of Seven, experiencing that was truly magnificent. And to top it off, the ever glam Joan Collins was on our return flight”

“After being sat on a tech aircraft for hours, FINALLY being sent home. We had been through hell and I was SO relieved”

“Having the opportunity to sit on the jump seat in the flight deck for take-off and landing during my supernumerary flights. The views are spectacular. It really is the best office window in the world”

“That very first moment I put my uniform on at the uniform stores. I was so excited!”

“Standing at the boarding door in Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA) and the former President of the United States, Mr Bill Clinton walks around the corner on the jetway, smiles and shook my hand. I was completely awestruck to meet such an icon”

“My first ever day as a flight attendant. I have always wanted to work as cabin crew and when I achieved my dream, I was really happy”

“A Brest to Paris Charles De Gaulle flight full of French Navy Pilots. We had the worst landing I’d ever had into Paris on a Boeing 737-500. When we finally made it to the ground, the whole cabin burst into rapturous applause, everyone laughing and singing a welcome Navy song to our Captain”

“Seeing the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis on a flight home from Phoenix with my parents. Woke them up in the middle of the night to experience it with me. Too many times I had experienced amazing things on my own, but not this time. They were glad I woke them”

“Getting to meet some of my most favourite celebrities over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to get my picture taken and the autographs of so many of my idols”

“It was the year 2000. The Millennium round the world trip taking a total of 32 days. We visited some incredible destinations but my favourites were Easter Island, Tonga and Western Samoa. All just amazing, beautiful places”

“Meeting my partner on Route to JFK. We ended up living together for 18 years. Many happy memories”

“Being on one of the last Douglas DC-3 flights in the UK. Lots of ‘old boys’ who had flown them, or jumped out of them. I was also allowed on the flight deck for pics and the flight attendants were all dressed in 50’s uniform. Only lasted 35 minutes, but it was fantastic”

“Flying the Rugby boys to South Africa for the 2009 British and Lions Rugby Tour and flying the Rugby boys from Sydney to South Africa for the 2010 Rugby Tour. I love Rugby boys”

“Getting my photograph taken in the engine”


“Operating crew on a flight to Lapland on Christmas eve with poorly children who would not live to see next Christmas”

“Going into the AFT hold on a Boeing 767 through the waste hatch, to see a Lion and Lioness we were taking to Kenya for the Born Free Foundation. An incredible experience”

Every single flight working for Virgin Atlantic. It has always been my dream and I’m having the time of my life”

“When, as a passenger, I was absolutely terrified of the awful turbulence we were encountering and I needed the reassurance of the cabin crew. They were absolutely fantastic, a credit to their airline”

“Bringing home an Oscar from LAX to DUB. Not my Oscar unfortunately, but amazing to hold the award and imagine it pride of place on my fireplace”

“Witnessing the British Airways and T-Mobile flashmob in Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport. It was amazing to watch”

“Getting off, heading to staff car park and driving home!”

“When I was a little girl, going with my father to the airport and seeing all the dressed up people, complete with gloves and hats, as they boarded the airplane. Then watching the Captain and flight attendants at the top of the stairs greeting them. It was like being in a luxurious dream”

“Flying all the way to Australia with Qantas. A dream trip on the airline i’ve always wanted to work for”

“Seeing St. Elmo’s fire whilst having a break in the flight deck. Mesmerizing”

“Having the incredible English actor, Oliver Reed as a passenger on my ATR-72, all the way to Cork”

“Weekday flight with Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi. Empty flight with an entire row to myself. The alcohol kept coming and sleep was not an issue. Best. Experience. Ever!”

“Working with the best people at the best airline in the world. In my opinion”

“Finally getting some time off and travelling as a passenger to Las Vegas, making the most of our staff travel and being seated in Upper Class, all the way. Bliss!”

“Just getting on a plane and going ANYWHERE……..”

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