Natural ways to cure Jet-Lag

Heaven knows, the skies are a cruel enough place to endure without peculiar primal side-effects kicking in every time you take a flight of more than a couple of hours. But a trolley dolly’s pains are never-ending, and with no-one else particularly caring about your welfare or feelings you’d better take the art of dealing with jet lag into your own hands.


Why the human beast happened to be cursed with the kind of circadian rhythms that we usually associate with bird life need not concern us here: the miserable truth is that our bodies respond to the regularity of light in our environment, and when you start messing about with that by flying from timezone to timezone, your hormones choose to react by making you feel exhausted, worthless, barely even motivated enough to cross the room to the mini-bar.

So what can you do to revive your flagging party spirit when you’ve been offered 24 hours R&R in an exotic climate but your legs feel like lead? A career of stuffing yourself with over-the-counter pharmaceutical remedies does not bode well for your kidneys or your sanity, but in fact you should be able to rein your system back under control using a tightly coordinated regime of natural remedies.

Now don’t worry, this doesn’t mean Chinese needles and smelling salts (though feel free to experiment). Rather, it is a case of matching your new daily patterns to the local time, staying awake – and preferably in the sun – when it’s daylight, and swapping that coffee for herbal tea to ensure you get a good night’s sleep when the time is right. How precisely can you put these earnest and wholesome ideals into action? Well, check out this new infographic guide to natural jet lag cures, and you’ll be cued up on the best remedies before you can say “gin and tonic”.



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