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Ladies and Gentleman a very warm welcome to our Confessions of a Trolley Dolly Inflight Entertainment IFE Zone, bringing you all the very best aviation related music, videos and literature.

Here, we introduce you to the fabulous CrewControl band, made up of Adriano Cafasso on lead vocals, Tommaso Pasquariello on guitar, Alvaro Frenandez on drums and Gianpaolo Eroli on bass and backing vocals.


Formed by four cabin crew friends in a pub outside of Rome in 2012, through their shared passion for music and aviation, the band have created a truly original market with their music being inspired by their shared passions for music and aviation.

Their motto is “We love flying and making music”.

Before finding their own sound and settling on the band name CrewControl, they originally started out playing covers as the ‘Winglets’, eventually refocusing their attention on their own original aviation inspired songs.

The band love writing their own lyrics so that everyone can enjoy them and include hidden meaning and content for others working within the aviation industry.

A Big Life Change

When the group lived and worked in Rome, they performed several live shows. Today the boys live throughout Europe and now they must meet, rehearse, compose and promote themselves over their three hometowns of London, Dublin and Rome.

Being cabin crew the boys are all too familiar with having to multi-task and work under pressure and while the distance may have split other bands, they boys have worked against the odds to continue CrewControl.


The band are always super busy. As well as working full-time as cabin crew, singing/writing and recording, all members take an active role in mixing and mastering their tracks; as well as graphic work and designing their own videos and promotional material.

Released Songs

CrewContol started recording their own songs in late 2012, leaving behind their covers and the first tunes were all written by the band.

The Man Of Steel (2012)

This first single is about cabin crew life #crewlife, not always glamorous and sparkling as most people believe. We’re just normal human beings with a winged heart.
The video of this song is very ‘cartoonish’, funny and ironic starring a beautiful colleague as ‘The Evil Alien’.

Christmas Flight (2013)

The bands original festive song.
During the Christmas period many people are flying home to be reunited with loved ones.
The song focuses on a particular passenger, seated by the window, looking out and lost in his own thoughts. We can clearly see through his eyes the image of a small town full of people enjoying Christmas time.
In this track, the band had the privilege to collaborate with French Jazz player Benjamin Petit playing the Saxophone and acting as the airline pilot.

Over The Rainbow (2014)

Definitely a love song. It’s the story of a crew member who has been completely bowled over by a stunning girl on his flight and he can’t control his feelings.
The video was shot entirely in the Rome city center, and the only actors were the tourists from all over the world who joined the scene with the band.
This was the first CrewControl song fully produced in a professional recording studio.

Tre Minuti Di Me (2014-2015)
Music In Literature Side Project

For a year CrewControl have collaborated with an Italian indie author who asked them to write a bunch of songs for “Tre Minuti Di Me” book series, which literally means “Three Minutes Of Me”.
They have worked closely with the author to develop the songs out of the characters of the romance, trying to fit their feelings into real music. They wrote five songs for three books.
Once the series was entirely published, the band released their first EP album called ‘In Between The Lines’.

The Album “In Between The Lines”

A high-energy, melodic rocker that perfectly showcases the mood of the character who wrote and performed the song in the book. The video of this song was shot during one of the band’s performances.

A truly intense emotional song, with a strong message of love and hope.

Three Minutes Of Me
Deeply inspired true love song, passional and emotional vibes.

5th Avenue
Acid chill out pop song with bluesy revival shades and revenge feelings.

By My Side
Positive and moderate rock ballad, catchy sound and deep feelings.

Present and Upcoming Releases

Xmas Flight (December 2016)

The 2013 Christmas song has been rearranged, remixed and remastered in order to improve the sound quality.
Mixed at Wardrobe Studio (London) and mastered by Mika Jussila (Mago de Oz, Moonspell, Stratovarius, Nightwish), Mastering Engineer at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki).
The Spanish graphic designer, Alberto Hernando created the video, using a particular drawing technique which transformed all members of the band in to animated cartoons.

Don’t Call Me Maybe (parody) (January 2017)

This is the bands most well-known song, a parody of the Grammy awarded ‘Call Me Maybe’ (Carly Ray Jepsen, 2012).
The song was written as a tribute to the non-inflight department, which gives the name of the band, CrewControl.
Mixed at Wardrobe Studio (London) and mastered at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki) by Mika Jussila.
The video features two young fans of the band.

The Bands New Year’s Resolutions

Despite the distance separating the boys, the band is constantly brainstorming new ideas.
More new songs, more new videos and an EP with the very first tunes is the plan for 2017.
Returning to the stage is also high on CrewControl’s agenda and we look forward to bringing our music to a venue near you soon.

As they always say…..

Safe Flying, Keep Rocking, Peace Out!











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