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PHIZZ – ‘Play. Travel. Work.’ The Rehydration Elixir Taking The Cabin Crew World By Storm.

Being cabin crew is seen by many to be the ultimate glamorous career. Truth is it’s actually bloody hard work and health professionals will tell you that an aeroplane cabin AKA our office, is not a healthy environment. Any time spent locked in a metal tube in the sky, from a couple of hours to a whole day or more and crossing multiple time zones is, for the human body, a real challenge.

When we start our flying careers, crew are told to drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. Not only does water help keep our skin looking glowing and youthful, aircraft air is so dry that frequent fliers such as us trolley dollies suffer from constant dehydration and dehydrated mucous membranes (especially in the nose) leaving us vulnerable to all those airborne viruses that make us ill. It is recommended that on a long-haul flight, passengers and crew consume around a pint of water every three hours.

The trouble is, all that tasteless water can become rather boring. So what’s the alternative? Well I’m sure we’ve all tried the various effervescent tablets on offer which add flavour and vitamins to our water, as well as promising to transform us in to ‘you but on a really good day’.

However, none of these come close to the fabulous new orange flavoured elixir Phizz.

Phizz is a unique, Swiss made, effervescent rehydration product with a blend of vitamins and minerals, promoting well-being and increased energy, perfect for people with active lifestyles, dehydrated cabin crew and passengers.

It’s vitamin benefits and rehydration properties have proved so popular to the travelling public that Phizz is now offered as an amenity to Emirates First Class passengers, plus various private charter jets and a number of hotel properties around the world.

The lovely team at Phizz recently sent me a sample to try and the morning they arrived I had a long day of short-haul flying around Europe ahead of me, what better time to give these supposed ‘miracle workers’ a go. Already feeling rather weary and sluggish after my previous flights, I gradually got myself ready for the day ahead both physically and mentally and popped a tablet into a small glass of water, (Phizz recommends two tablets into a glass or bottle of water – 300ml). As the tablet danced and dissolved in the water I was immediately struck by the sweet and fruity smell that came from the glass.

There’s no denying that more often than not, these effervescent tablets can taste powdery and bland. Phizz was neither. Full of flavour and with no powdery after taste, I noticed really quickly after consuming the drink that I seemed to have more energy, felt more alert and was now ready to take on whatever the day, and my passengers, had to throw at me.

A few hours later the effects had worn off slightly, so I popped another tablet in to a bottle of crew water and was soon feeling the benefits once again. They certainly made a long day in the skies much more bearable and when I arrived home I didn’t have the ‘groggy’ feeling associated with a long day in the sky.

And not only were Phizz great in the air, they’re also fantastic when it comes to helping with the dreaded hangover. Now I’m not saying this is the miracle cure we’ve all been waiting for; but because alcohol causes you to dehydrate in turn making our hangovers worse, the incredible re-hydration properties in Phizz do seem to help. Well anything is worth a try when you’re dying of a hangover surely?

And if you would like to try the amazing Phizz, described by The Telegraph as a ‘game changer for the modern traveller’ then head over to the Phizz website

More about Phizz:


Phizz is a world first for life-lovers: a Swiss made effervescent tablet which fits perfectly into your pocket or bag to help you stay on top of your game. Combining a rehydration formula with a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, Phizz helps you play hard, travel fresh and work smart.Plane cabins average around 10-15% humidity, when compared to The Sahara Desert’s 25% it’s no surprise that jet-setters often find themselves flagging. In an average 10 hour flight men can lose approximately 2 litres of water and women around 1.6 litres. This means that on a London to Sydney flight a passenger could lose up to 4 litres and 8% of their bodily water. Phizz is the ultimate travel companion, packed with essential vitamins and minerals as well as a powerful rehydration mixture. The small but mighty tablet offers a boost of goodness and aids water absorption to battle dry plane cabin conditions and see you through your journey.

Phizz is one tablet which does three jobs. Electrolytes, vitamins, glucose, zinc, copper and other minerals give your body all the essentials to combat dehydration, boost your immune system and keep mental and physical fatigue at bay.

Phizz was created by three friends with a passion for living life to the full. They worked and played hard, travelled often and craved a one-stop solution to combat the effects of their busy lives. Scientifically formulated to help combat dehydration, jet lag, post-gym workouts and daily vitamin intake, Phizz helps keep you up to speed and at your best.

Daniel Cray, Phizz co-founder and Marketing Director says, “Phizz offers a range of wellness benefits that you won’t get from any other individual product. By helping the body rapidly absorb more water, supporting the immune system and providing antioxidants Phizz keeps you fighting fit, clear-headed and focused throughout anything a modern lifestyle throws at you”.

Phizz comes in convenient and compact tubes of 10 or 20 tablets. No fuss or mess, simply pop and drop into a glass or bottle of water and continue your day exactly as you intended. Pick up a tube of 10 for RRP £4.99 or 20 tablets for RRP £7.99 from Ocado, Amazon and select independent pharmacies.

Phizz is also available to ship worldwide via and is an amenity item on-board Emirates flights (in First Class).

Notes to Editors:

Founded in the UK by Daniel Cray, Rory Simmance-Freemantle and Jon Knight, PHIZZ LTD was formed to provide healthy solutions to the pitfalls of pleasure-seeking 21st century lifestyles.
The unique formula of Phizz, the company’s self-titled first product to market, has been developed by a multinational team of scientists in Swiss laboratory led by PHIZZ LTD’s very own Head of Product Development Dr. Paul Anastasiades – a neurophysiologist who’s a visiting scholar at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics University of Oxford and postdoctoral fellow at the Center For Neural Science at NYU.

Phizz is certified by Informed Sport. This provides assurance to athletes around the world that

Phizz adheres to the World Anti-doping laboratory standards for professional athletes. A rigorous certification that will give all athletes peace of mind to train, play and recover better with Phizz.


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