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Style In The Aisles – Eva Air Shiatzy Chen Designed Uniform.

On August 24, 2017, Taiwanese carrier EVA Air unveiled its stunning new staff uniforms, created by fashion house Shiatzy Chen.

Replacing the airlines current uniforms which were introduced in 2003, the new outfits were showcased at a special retirement ceremony for the carriers Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

EVA Air planned the catwalk presentation to be much more than just a fashion show; rather an active demonstration of each uniforms design, functionality and versatility. Dancers joined ground staff on the catwalk for an enthusiastic representation of their passion for service excellence. Cabin crew presented their new uniforms in a smooth display of the teamwork it takes for perfect flights.

Speaking at the event the airlines chairman Steve Lin said “As we bid farewell to our ‘Queen of the Skies’ and her remarkable service, we welcome our new service image and our third generation of uniforms. Designed for style, comfort and function, these uniforms will further enhance the professional image of our service team among passengers and in the international market place”

The new uniform will be rolled out in November about two years after development first began. The design team at EVA Air has said that their uniforms ‘signify much more than appropriate work attire’. EVA’s philosophy is that the moment its service staff puts on their uniform, they mark the beginning of their career as a professional team member.

A design team from Shiatzy Chen, known in many circles as the Chanel of Taiwan, visited airports to observe staff at check-in counters and VIP lounges, in order to understand their requirements. They also put designers on flights to understand the demands of the carriers exceptional cabin service; before having conversations with senior management and service staff to give them an understanding of Eva Air’s concept of inflight service.

As well as comfort, versatility and functionality, EVA Air has also incorporated style and fashion in to these new designs. Inspired by the classic Audrey Hepburn movie ‘Roman Holiday’, the designer used colour blocks, geometric patterns and streamlined shapes to create a professional attire with classic style. The designer chose verdelite for the uniforms base colour.

For the female crew, key features include standing collars, conveying the idea of flying through the sky, with different colours to distinguish team members ranks – red collars distinguish chief pursers, pink represent deputy pursers and light green for flight attendants. Scarves set the new uniform apart, with the colourful pattern seen below inspired by the steady growth of trees.

Male flight attendants uniform is inspired by a three-piece business suit with aircraft wings formed by green and orange dots. This stands out against the background of the uniforms black ties, capturing the idea of EVA’s global network. Vests feature pockets where service staff can keep pens and notebooks at their fingertips.

The airline also commissioned a fabric supplier to develop a high-performance material that blends elastic and anti-static carbon fibre yarns. The speciality fabric is quick drying and moisture absorbent, while retaining such characteristics as flexibility and high breathability so that service staff can move and work comfortably in addition to looking and feeling good.

What do you think of the new uniforms? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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