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4 Fun Ways To Entertain Yourself On A Long Flight

There aren’t many things more draining than a long flight on which you have no means of entertaining yourself. If you’re able to sleep that’s wonderful, but let’s face it – many of us don’t sleep particularly well on planes, even those lucky enough to be up front in First Class. That means long hours sitting about, bored to tears. Obviously there are the usual ways to pass the time – listening to music, watching movies, reading books, or doing puzzles and crosswords.

Here we take you through four fun ways to entertain yourself on a long flight.

1 – Load Up Some Podcasts

Ok, so podcasts aren’t exactly new. However, it’s fair to say that 2017 saw a massive boom in this form of entertainment, and a lot of us – myself included – are still figuring out what our favorite podcasts are, what the classic episodes might be etc. This is simply an alternative to music and in some ways it’s better suited for travel. Music can make you want to doze when it’s hard to, or make you want to get up and be active when you can’t be. A good podcast on the other hand is simply that. They’re for listening to and nothing else and they can really help you pass the time. For that matter, so can a nice audiobook – though podcasts can be a little more satisfying because you can actually complete a few during a longer flight.

2 – Watch Virtual Sports

Only problem with this suggestion is that it requires internet access, although that shouldn’t be a problem on many flights today – even with low-cost carriers. Watching live content can be hit-or-miss on a plane, particularly for sports fans. You never know what will actually be playing or whether you’ll get access to it. Bizarrely enough however, virtual sports (and virtual sports betting) happen to be gaining popularity and can be great fun on a flight. These sports, with the action simulated using computer graphics, are basically fake versions of real sports. They’re designed for betting activity, but can be surprisingly engaging to watch, even if it’s all fabricated. You might just have fun tuning in and picking a virtual football team or tennis player to back; after a few minutes you might even feel like you’re watching a real sport.

3 – Use An Adult Colouring Book

Adult colouring books have become VERY popular, not just as fun activities – but as means of relieving stress and of passing the time without having a mobile phone, tablet or computer screen in front of you. Colouring in an adult colouring book was recommended in another piece on ways to entertain yourself on a long flight and while it’s something we hadn’t thought of before, it’s an excellent idea. Granted, turbulence can cause you to scribble outside the lines now and then and if you’re a little OCD like me then that could be a problem. But for the most part this is an activity that can keep you busy for hours. It’s also nice and easy to pack in to your hand-luggage. You just need a single booklet of pictures and a little bag or box of pencils or pens.

4 – Learn A Language

Fancy learning a few words and phrases to help get you around when travelling to a foreign speaking country? Then downloading a language app could be the perfect idea and a long flight is a great time to devote a few hours to your education. Programs like Duolingo work as simple apps and have actually been shown to work well in helping people to learn the basics of new languages (and sometimes even become fluent). You might be shocked at how much progress you can make from takeoff to touchdown when you have nothing else to divide your attention.

So there we go, four little travel hacks for anyone jetting off on a long flight any time soon.

What do you do to pass the time on-board? Pop your suggestions in the comments section below.

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