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Alberta Ferretti unveils the new Alitalia uniforms

Despite an uncertain cloud over its future, Alitalia is decking out its cabin crew in sleek new uniforms created by Italian fashion designer Alberta Ferretti.Featuring the colours of the Italian flag, the new collection, according to the statement released by Alitalia, “Stems from the need to meet the numerous requests coming from the operating staff, with the aim of improving the quality of the work of those who wear the uniform every day. [We wanted] practicality and elegance, to guarantee comfort and well-being in every working occasion and in all seasons, through comfortable and functional clothes”.Known for her feminine style, Ferretti unveiled the uniform collection during the first day of the Kimesse of men’s fashion shows in Milan. “It’s a moment of great emotion for me”, explained the designer. “It was a long, difficult but very engaging job. I was initially scared for the great responsibility and for all the rules to follow, but today I can say I am very satisfied. The idea of bringing the creativity, elegance and quality of our country in the world, on board of Alitalia, makes me very proud and to present this project during Milan Fashion Week in such an official setting as Palazzo Reale in Piazza del Duomo“Freedom, quality and even a little emancipation is the synthesis of the new Alitalia uniforms. “I wanted sober lines and for Italian elegance to travel around the world” she told reporters.

The new uniforms in detail by Alberta Ferretti

First of all – no hat, “Because in my opinion it is a retro accessory and still choreographic, therefore suitable for a show, not for those who have to work in a tight environment for several hours”, explained the designer. Then – banish the frills, the heavy fabrics and the strong colours of the previous Ettore Bilotta uniform. “Blue is the best shade, the most classic, the longest running. As a material I chose the wool, obviously produced in Italy. Everything is Made in Italy, I want to reiterate it was not easy, because obviously there is a precise expense limit for a uniform, and we say that we have saved in decoration and gained quality “.Finally, the investment on the Alitalia logo. “We live a moment, especially in fashion, of communication through logos and I find the logo of Alitalia extremely beautiful, so I used it for Jacquard sweaters and also on a two-tone trimmings that describes all the garments, from the masculine to the feminine ones It is my way of giving a message: we need to go back to believing in our country, in its beauty, in its potentialities, in which foreigners are better than us, and we must learn from them to promote ourselves in the best possible way”.In addition to the uniforms, the designer will also launch a capsule collection of genderless sweatshirts, T-shirts, tracksuits and trousers with Alitalia colors and logos on the catwalk of the Cruise and Limited Edition collection scheduled for tonight.The new wardrobe for Alitalia staff is scheduled to arrive for the beginning of the summer and consists of three pieces for the women – dress, pants and sweater plus an apron and two pieces for the men – jacket and trousers, with white shirt and tie. This is complemented with accessories – a bag for her and a briefcase for him, plus a rain-proof trench coat. “I do not look back, who did the uniforms before me, I try rather to provide a beautiful dress but also free and modern especially to women who work for Alitalia. We are experiencing a moment of female emancipation, even in clothing” said Ferretti.

The old look, designed by Ettore Bilotta was introduced two years ago by former investor Etihad, as part of the Abu Dhabi airline’s relaunch of the carrier and cost some 6 million euros. Despite being applauded by designers and the envy of cabin crew around the world, It was later criticized by Alitalia staff as being uncomfortable and impractical. You can read more about the Ettore Bilotta uniform over at our ‘Style In The Aisles – The Top Ten Cabin Crew Uniforms 2016’

When asked about the rather odd timing of introducing new uniforms, Alitalia Chief Commercial Officer Fabio Lazzerini said the move was part of a broader effort to revamp the airline’s brand. “It had to be done, it was a specific request made by the employees” he said.

The new Alberta Ferretti uniform, which will be worn by 6,000 staff and made by Italian uniform maker Forint, becomes the 11th designer uniform created for the Italian carrier. To take a look at the airlines uniform history check out ‘Style In The Aisles – Alitalia’s Designer Uniforms Through The Years’


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