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Sichuan Airlines Unveils Stylish New Uniform

Sichuan Airlines based in Chengdu has launched a bold new uniform, designed to embrace both ‘enthusiasm and calmness’. The 7th incarnation of the uniform comes just in time for the arrival of their first state-of-the-art Airbus A350, signalling a new era for the carrier including (what seem to be) all-aisle-access Zodiac Aerospace Cirrus business class seats.


As well as being lucky, the colour red represents the hospitality of Sichuan people, and their famous spicy food – after all, most know Sichuan for its peppercorns. But the designer, currently unnamed, brings together both traditional Chinese elements and Sichuan tastes.


These might not be ornate as the award-winning Hainan Airlines cabin crew uniforms, which you can read more about here, but they certainly will catch the eye of passengers. Both professional and fashionable there are beautiful lines, colors and detailing within the uniforms that certainly will raise the level of the carrier’s brand image.


The airline took to the skies in 1988, and owns the largest Airbus Fleet in Chinese Mainland. In total, there are 270 ‘Panda Routes’ which connect Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America. Under the programme “One Belt, One Road” the carrier is underway to transform itself to an international standard full-service carrier with an extensive network connection.

The original article can be found over at The Design Air

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