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The Best Christmas Gifts For Cabin Crew

‘Christmas is coming and your cabin crew are getting fat!’

Yes it’s that time of year again where we all start to wrack our brains for gifts ideas for our loved ones. 

What do you buy someone who’s already got everything? If you’re anything like me then you’ll leave your gift buying until the very last-minute, rushing around packed shops a few days before Christmas, barging through the crowds to grab those gifts.

But here at Confessions of a Trolley Dolly, we wanted to make your present buying task that little bit easier so we’ve put together a list of some of the best gift ideas for us cabin crew.

A Tablet Computer 

Cabin crew are away from home a lot, so having a tablet computer is a great way of keeping us connected to our loved ones via FaceTime/Skype and entertained by downloading films, TV boxsets, music etc. Not only are they great for entertainment, they’re also slowly becoming a necessity for many with some airlines requiring their crew to have their own tablet device in order for manuals etc to be placed on them.


For those flight attendants who prefer a good book to a box set, why not treat them to a Kindle or similar to get their digital book collection going? As we’re limited to the amount of luggage we can take during our night stops e-readers are super crew bag friendly and built to hold hundreds of thousands of novels, perfect for those bookworms amongst us. Sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up in the warm with a good book.

A TV or Music Subscription 

So your loved one already has a tablet so what else could you get them? How about a subscription to a paid TV channel such as Netflix or Amazon Prime or music apps such as Spotify or Apple Music . Hundreds of films, TV boxsets, albums, singles and more for us to binge on while we’re away and plenty of time for some ‘Netflix and chill’ when we get home so actually, it’s just as much of a present for you as it is for us!

Lady Hales Goodies 

From clothing to jewellery, bags, journals, cards, gifts for the home and much, much more, the fabulous Lady Hales of London has loads of amazing cabin crew and aviation related gifts that are both useful and stylish. Why not treat your loved one to a fabulous ‘Flight Journal’ to keep a memoir of all the amazing places they have visited.

There’s also some fantastic Christmas cards and even aviation themed Christmas decorations.

And this festive season the lovely Lady Hales herself has given my gorgeous followers a fantastic 10% off all orders! Simply head over to and type in the code DOLLY10 


Being cabin crew drives us to drink. It’s true. I’d say the majority of us are borderline alcoholics. So how about treating us to a nice bottle of expensive plonk! There are plenty of wine, spirit and beer gift sets available, but personally I’d say just buy us a litre of our favourite tipple. It’ll probably be gone by Boxing Day.

Spa Day/Experience Day

Say what you want about us Trolley Dollies but we do work bloody hard and some downtime when we’re out of the polyester uniform is always welcome. So how about treating us to a nice relaxing spa day?

Or if a spa day isn’t their thing then why not look at an experience day? There are tonnes of wine, gin or beer tasting experiences available – more alcohol. Hot air balloon flights? Dance classes? Escape rooms? Afternoon tea?

A perfect bit of downtime to unwind and forget about those pesky passengers.

Clothing Vouchers  

Whether we’re in work in our finest polyester or at home in our civvies, we always love to look our glamorous best so vouchers for the high street are always a good idea. Who doesn’t love a nice little shopping spree, treat ourselves to a gorgeous new outfit, have a nice meal and a few vinos. Perfect.

A Decent Power Bank

Considering how much mobile phones can do these days it is shocking how crap their batteries are. So a decent power bank is a must have for people on the go. And when us fabulous trolley dollies are posting endless pool selfies or spending hours cruising Grindr, we need to keep our phones fully charged. 

A Fancy Watch

Cabin crew have to be very time aware, it’s part of our job, so if you want to splash out this Christmas then why not treat us to a fancy watch? And to make it really special you could even get it engraved?

Lonely Planet Travel Book

The essential reference guide for travel from Lonely Planet, the most trusted name in travel guides. Never lose inspiration for your next trip, with profiles of every UN-recognized country on the planet; featuring stunning photography, useful statistics and fascinating insights into every country.

Pan Am: Complete Series

All the glitz and glamor of 60s flight in captured in Pan Am: The Complete Series on DVD. Featuring Christina Ricci and Kelli Garner, the award-winning series is a fabulous gift to any flight attendant or someone who will appreciate the golden age of commercial flight.

The High Life DVD Series 

If you haven’t already seen it then you really need to watch the HILARIOUS BBC series ‘The High Life’

‘Welcome aboard Air Scotia – flying out of Scotland’s Prestwick Airport with the most useless cabin crew ever to push a drinks trolley…’

Mile High DVD Series

All 39 episodes of the British television drama set amongst the flight crew of budget airline ‘Fresh’. Discover what the pilots and crew get up to, both in the air and on the ground trying to manage their hectic love lives and busy schedules. ‘Mile High’ is a camp and hilarious look at life for the Fresh Air crew.

Anything Airline Related

Many crew are real aviation geeks #avgeeks at heart and love airline related gifts.

Vintage travel posters, airplane charms, flight attendant Barbie, an old beverage cart, a desk made from airplane parts. You name it, we want it.

I hope our ‘Confessions of a Trolley Dolly Christmas Gift Guide’ has given you some present inspiration and if you have any ideas then please add them in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!

© by Dan Air

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