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Aeromexico Unveils Uninspiring New Uniform

Aeromexico is giving its near 3,000 flight attendants a new look – one that, to be honest, has left us feeling a little uninspired.

The new apparel, which appears much more conservative than the airlines previous look, has been created by renowned Mexican designer Lorena Saravia. Saravia said she listened to “the needs of Aeromexico flight attendants” in order to create comfortable and functional pieces that allow them to carry out their work.

The new uniform has left us feeling a little uninspired.

The new uniform is navy blue with black highlighting a line on the back that is reminiscent of a tuxedo and a hallmark of the designer’s pieces. Shoes for all crew members are black, and the ladies will no longer wear a hat as with the former uniform, which personally I think is a real shame as the former bright red pillbox hat really set off the previous outfit.

Female crew will no longer wear a hat which is a shame as the previous red pillbox hat really set off the former uniform pictured here.

The uniform was introduced on July 1, and will be used for the next five years.

Image courtesy of Lorena Saravia Instagram.

“In aviation history, flight attendant uniforms have come to represent more than just the image of an airline; they have become icons of fashion and elegance. Famous designers have worked with companies around the world to create these pieces,” Aeromexico said in a statement.

Aeromexico’s cabin crew uniform is known for garments that adapt to the “all-terrain” needs of women today, with dresses that provide ease of movement and comfort, combining elegance, resilience, and modernity. An elegant and minimalist design was also sought for men, allowing for the optimal performance of their duties.”

Image courtesy of Lorena Saravia Instagram.

What do you think of the new look? Pop your thoughts in the comments below.

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1 Comment on Aeromexico Unveils Uninspiring New Uniform

  1. Mark Chesnut // 29/09/2019 at 7:53 AM // Reply

    I agree, it’s not a very exciting or creative look. And so sad that they’ve eliminated the hats!

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