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Iberia Reveals Stunning New Uniform by Teresa Helbig

It’s taken 18 months to get here but Spanish flag-carrier Iberia has finally revealed its highly anticipated new uniform and it was definitely worth the wait.

Together with designer Teresa Helbig, the airline presented the new look on the last day of the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Madrid. 

Throughout the airlines long history there has been six national designers who have been tasked with dressing Iberia’s staff –  Pedro Rodríguez, known internationally for his haute couture designs, Manuel Pertegaz, Manuel Elio Berhanyer , Alfredo Caral and, in recent years, Adolfo Domínguez.

Heblig was selected from among 30 candidates to design the new look and is the first female designer in history to create a uniform for the airlines 6,500 staff, set to officially launch in May this year. 

Teresa Helbig.

20 different uniform pieces have been designed which will create more than 30 looks which are comfortable, practical and flattering for female crew.

Designed to create a “Very current, serene, formal wardrobe”, the Catalan designer says a lot of work focused on the accessories such as oversized scarves, cross body satchels and bright red leather gloves to create a more “distinguished look” to the uniform.

“We have imagined dresses that we would like to wear on the street every day; there is a reinterpretation of the iconic tube skirt suit and we have also given a lot of importance to the accessories,” Helbig said of the designs following the runway show on Saturday night.

While navy blue is the dominant colour in the designs, there are pops of red that “Embodies passion, dedication and vitality.”  Yellow was also introduced not only because it’s a classic Iberia colour but because its “Stimulating, young and energetic,” explained Helbig. Other elements, such as winter overcoat were also designed in a much more unisex fashion.

Helbig, who has dressed personalities such as Queen Letizia or renowned actresses and singers such as Leticia Dolera , Macarena Gómez , Taylor Swfit , Zendaya or Halle Berry , notes that “Our greatest inspiration has been the Iberia staff that will wear the uniforms and the fundamental objective has been to favor the body of the woman and the body of the man, creating a proposal of which they feel very proud ”.

Iberia’s new look is part of its #Talentoabordo project, which aims to support national talents under the airline’s commitment to value and internationalise Spanish culture.

Iberia was in dire need of a uniform update and while the old outfit was smart and functional this new look is one of the most stylish, fashion-forward and relevant uniforms of any airline at the moment. 

Be sure to check out the gorgeous new uniform in our gallery below.

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1 Comment on Iberia Reveals Stunning New Uniform by Teresa Helbig

  1. Kas Adam // 02/02/2020 at 1:54 PM // Reply

    Congratulations Iberia, a beautiful, elegant, smart and practical uniform for both male and female. Great choices and variations of the uniform makes it so unique. Think the cabin pinafore is so super practical as well as smart!
    Definitely a glam look!

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