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‘Am I Experienced Enough?!’ Getting your relatable experience on-point for a Cabin Crew job

Becoming Cabin Crew isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight. No matter how hard you pursue your dream there’s going to be a certain amount of waiting around involved, whether you’re waiting for your dream airline to open for recruitment or suffering through the agonising wait to hear if your online application has passed muster. 

Think about it differently – don’t see it as a wait but as an opportunity. Use the time to gain some extra experience or skills, or do a bit of self development!

Used For - CC Wings

Work Experience

Excellent customer service (with a smile!) is a big part of the role. You’re the first person the pax will see as they board, and more importantly, a representative of your airline.

If you’re new to the Cabin Crew Career you might have worked in a customer service or public facing role in another industry in the past – and if so make sure you let the recruitment team know about this in the assessment process and interview! 

However if you’ve not got the experience now would be an ideal time to use your initiative and get some – don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you get a completely new job while you follow your cabin crew breams! But any kind of role that involves working with the public could give you useful experience to gain that edge in your interview. 

Think about things like voluntary work for a local cause or organisation, or charity work, even volunteering in a charity shop, or dealing with customer phone enquiries – it’s all relatable experience!

Look at your work history with fresh eyes

If you are concerned that your job history isn’t relevant or ‘customer focused’ enough for cabin crew, take another look!

A job doesn’t have to have ‘Customer Service’ in the title to involve this important skill.  Anyone who ever deals with other people is dealing with customers, even if they’re internal to your organisation. It is the same story for other key skills.

For example, if you’ve had experience in childcare, on face value this job might not seem especially relevant for a Cabin Crew job.

However, looking after children involves a lot of responsibility. Depending on your role you may need to be conscientious about time-keeping, show safe food preparation skills, anticipate the needs of the children to ensure their wellbeing, resolve conflict if there is more than one, ensure their health and safety at all times…and lots more. 

Similarly if you have experience working in admin you may not deal with external customers often. But skills you use in most jobs can be transferred to make you better cabin crew. 

In an office you need to be professional and conscientious, meeting targets and dealing with routine tasks often without supervision. You may need to follow set procedures with good accuracy and attention to detail. You may need to liaise with colleagues to make sure deadlines are met. Any of that sound familiar?! Again, all great transferrable skills.

Health and Safety

Safety, of course, is the reason why Cabin Crew are there – even though passengers sometimes don’t seem to realise this!

You may well have done some sort of Health and Safety training as part of past employment, but if you have the time, why not look into refreshing these skills to give your application a boost?

There are often first-aid classes run locally that you could join in with. Also check the British Red Cross website to see if any of their classes are being held near you.

Volunteer work can again be very useful here – perhaps through St John’s Ambulance as a first aider. As well as valuable experience in dealing with the public you could find yourself dealing with difficult and challenging situations, and have to prove that you can keep your cool and control the situation.

Cabin Crew Courses

Used For - CC Wings

One of the best ways to get a real feel for whether the life of cabin crew is for you is by completing a dedicated cabin crew course. This can really show your commitment to becoming crew!

Cabin Crew Wings offer a Cabin Crew 2 day Course taught by qualified and experienced instructors and ex-crew, which covers all aspects of the role from the application process onwards.

Although the minimum age for most airlines to accept crew is 18, you’re very welcome to come along to the course if you’re not at that age yet – although we do advise leaving it as close y=to your birthday as possible so the information and skills are still fresh in your head for when you apply!

If you can’t come along to one of our courses in person we also offer an online Cabin Crew e-learning course, which you can complete in your own time in the comfort of your home.

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