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New Low-Cost Airline Reveals Genderless Uniform Collection

A new start-up low-cost airline in South Korea has revealed its genderless uniform collection which, breaking away from traditional cabin crew apparel, focuses on practicality rather than age or gender – pretty unusual in a country whose airlines have previously focused very much on gender, beauty and age.

Aero K, which is being re-branded from K Air Aviation, had planned to commence flights back in March however the COVID-19 pandemic delayed its launch. Aero K will be based in Cheongju, South Korea, and flights to Jeju will be operated with a fleet of three Airbus A320s. 

“I think you can compare it to some sort of beauty contest,” Airline News Center director Pablo Lee was quoted as saying by the Korean Herald. “First of all, they have to be physically perfect… over 60 kg is kind of overweight, but rarely some people get hired even if they weigh more than that because they are tall.”

The competition and the desire to look “perfect” can be so intense that some medical centres in South Korea even offer special cabin crew plastic surgery programs. “What is the image that comes to mind when you are a stewardess?” asks Seoul’s Reborn Medical Centre. “Many people think of a stewardess as slim with a crisp egg-shaped face,” the translated website continues, offering ‘stewardess moulding’ procedures including rhinoplasty and forehead moulding. WTF!

That’s an image that Aero K, however, plans to shake up with its genderless cabin crew uniform. “The practical uniform of Aero K was created based on caring and respect to perform various jobs better than age and gender,” the airline said of its new uniform in a Facebook post uploaded last week. “In the end, all this concern is to perform the most important mission of passenger’s safety.”

What do you think of the look? Would it be something you’d be happy to wear?

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