A Look At Europe’s Newest Airline PLAY Crew Uniforms

It’s been a while since we’ve had any new Flight Attendant fashion to discuss and we’ve been thirsty for some new looks.

Last week, the bright and bold new low-cost carrier from Iceland ‘PLAY’ gave us exactly what we were after. 

PLAY Europe’s newest low-cost airline launches flights in June 2021 (Image: PLAY)

After much speculation, the airline has finally unveiled its new crew uniforms ready for the carriers launch.

The airline had already unveiled its new livery and branding and in keeping with the bright and bold red colour scheme, PLAY’s staff will certainly stand out amongst the crowd.  

PLAY’s crew will certainly stand out amongst the crowd. (Image: PLAY)

The über casual look has been created by Icelandic fashion powerhouse and couple Kolla Gunnarsdottir and Gunni Hilmarsson and have been designed to ‘encompass PLAY’s core values, simplicity, playfulness, competitiveness, equality and on-time performance.’ Although quite how on-time performance can be reflected in a uniform us beyond me. 

The new look has been designed to encompass the airline core values.

Speaking about the look the couple said: “We were honoured and pleased to get to work with PLAY on this clothing line for their uniforms. We really wanted to throw out all those old ideas about airline uniforms and bring in more comfort. We tried to scrap the constrictive rules often associated with these uniforms and include relaxed fits, stretchy fabrics and of course, shoes meant for working on your feet! The result is a mix of active wear and a fresh uniform.”

Breaking the mould in cabin crew fashion, the look has been created as totally gender non-specific meaning crew members are able to mix and match uniform pieces and wear anything from the entire collection.

Heels have been ditched in favour of trainers with unisex blazers, sweatshirts and puffy jackets. 

Trainers, sweatshirts and puffer jackets make this a super casual look.

In another bold move guidance on hair, make up, tattoos and nail polish have been removed. 

“It was really satisfying to see how well Gunni and Kolla got our brief and our ideas for this line. We had certain ideas about the clothing and how it should represent and work with our brand and the results are just amazing,” said Jónína Guðmundsdóttir, Chief People Officer of PLAY.

While the new look may not be as smart and stylish as more traditional Flight Attendant apparel, it is certainly in keeping with the airlines branding being fun and playful. The ‘comfy casual’ clothing will also go down well with its crew members during the long-duty periods low-cost airlines are renowned for.  

Check out our gallery below and let us know your thoughts on the new look in the comments below.

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