What Cabin Crew Say Vs. What Cabin Crew Mean

Have you ever wondered what goes though your Cabin Crews heads behind that immaculate uniform and pearly white smile?

Well here we give you a little glimpse in to our minds with our ‘What Cabin Crew Say Vs. What Cabin Crew Mean’

“Tits and Teeth everybody!”
What Cabin Crew SayWhat Cabin Crew Mean
“Sit back relax and enjoy your flight”“Sit down, shut up and keep your rotten feet off my bulkhead”
“We’ll get back to you with more information as soon as we have it”“We haven’t got a clue what is going on so don’t expect to hear from us again”
“If we could have a few moments of your undivided attention”“Shut the fuck up!”
“How long have you been crew?”“I’m just making conversation I don’t need your life story”
“I’ll go and turn the temperature up for you”“You can freeze cus I’m sweating me tits off”
“Wow that’s interesting”“My god you’re dull”
“Have you flown with [Insert Crew Name Here]”“I don’t like them and I have a story to tell”
“I’m fine!”“I’m hanging by a thread”
“I hear what you’re saying”“I disagree completely and I don’t want to discuss it any further”
“I hope that helps?”“Please stop bothering me”
“We’ve got a minor technical issue”“We’re fucked”
“I’ll see what I can do”“I can’t do anything so I’ll be in the galley if anyone needs me”
“I’ll pop that on my flight report”“Tell someone who gives a fuck”
“I would suggest”“I’m telling you to do it my way”
“I can see your point”“But I give zero fucks about it”
“I’m really laid back”“I’m totally by the book”
“Have we flown together?”“I don’t like you”
“I might come and meet you later?”“I’m not leaving my hotel room….”
“Don’t worry you’ll make your connection”“You’ll be someone else’s problem soon”
“I’ll be right back”“Fuck you”
“Once again, may we remind you…”“Why don’t any of you listen?”
“Just push/pull”“FML”
“We hope you enjoyed your flight”“Get off my aircraft”

© confessionsofatrolleydolly.com by Dan Air.

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