British Airways Set To Announce Major Uniform and Grooming Policy Changes

Rumours are circulating the British Airways (BA) are about to announce major alterations to its uniform and grooming policies for its Cabin Crew, Ground Staff and Pilots. According to company sources the changes include long asked for updates that reflect modern Britain. 

Some of the changes include gender neutral and inclusive updates. This will see rules on hair, makeup, nail polish, hats and shoes moving away from the gender-specific regulations of old. 

The changes look set to include the removal of the requirement to wear the iconic pillbox hat.

The shift away from the carriers strict regulations was originally planned to be unveiled at the same time as the highly-anticipated Oswald Boateng uniform. However, the new apparel was put on hold indefinitely following the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Recently BA has followed suit of a number of other airlines including easyJet and abolished its gender-specific greeting at airports and onboard, as it attempts to become more inclusive to all. 

Over the years BA has suffered a number of controversies over its grooming and uniform policies including issues over females wearing trousers instead of skirts. 

The changes were set to be announced with the unveiling of the new Oswald Boateng uniform.

Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary of the Unite union which represents several workgroups including Cabin Crew at the airline said there had been an overemphasis on everyone “looking the same” and that there was “clearly serious issues here of health, safety, dignity, respect and equality.”

You can read more about the history of the British Airways uniform through the years here.

What are your thoughts on the uniform update?

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2 thoughts

  1. Why don’t they leave the uniform as it is??? It is the smartest uniform in the airline industry, lending weight to the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix.” Let us hope they don’t make a mess of it by introducing drab T-Shirts, pumps etc.

  2. Why on EARTH are they changing the British Airways uniform?? It is the smartest in the airline industry. Leave it as it is. If they DO change it, let us hope they don’t ruin it by changing it to drab sweat shirts, trainers, trousers on women etc. UGH!

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