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41 Years In The BA Cabin – Julie Reynolds Story.

by Confessions of a Trolley Dolly in Cabin Crew

BA’s youngest ever flight attendant reveals what it’s been like to work for the airline over 41 years – and why the golden age of flying wasn’t all .....


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  • Today is our annual Angels of the Sky Memorial Day. I hope as many of you as possible will have popped a small ribbon on to your uniform, or lanyard, or civvies, or crew bag, basically wherever you can, to show your support. So what is Angels of the .....
  • When I began my cabin crew training many years ago, my fellow budding Trolley Dollies and I were told that when travelling, our beloved passengers ALWAYS leave their brains at home and to ALWAYS expect the unexpected. Well those crew trainers were .....
  • What Made You Want To Be Cabin Crew?

    18/02/2015 // 18 Comments

    What made you want to be cabin crew? Was it the thought of travelling the world, visiting exotic and far-flung destinations and getting to stay in the best five-star hotels? Was it your desire to wear a fabulous designer uniform and strut your stuff .....
  • You need a very thick skin to be a flight attendant. Verbal and on very rare occasions physical abuse, has always been one of the perils of our career, even during the glory days of the glamorous jet-set. Sometimes however, even the most hardened .....
  • 50+ Useless Aviation Facts

    31/05/2013 // 36 Comments

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard. Ever wondered why the cabin lights get dimmed for take off and landing when it’s dark? Perhaps you’ve pondered how expensive really is the most expensive plane ticket in the world? Want to know how .....

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