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20 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Cabin Crew

by Confessions of a Trolley Dolly in Cabin Crew

Here at Confessions Of A Trolley Dolly we like to make flying easier for everyone. That is why we have shown you ‘How To Be The Perfect Airline Passenger’. Guided .....


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  • Some people think that being cabin crew is easy. Well they’re wrong. It’s hard. It’s hard work getting an interview to get the job. It’s hard work actually getting the job. It’s hard work training for the job and .....
  • Crew Manual: Public Announcements (PAs)

    16/09/2013 // 16 Comments

    Cabin Crew, Trolley Dollies, Flight Attendants, Cart Tarts, Air Hosts and Hostesses around the world, welcome to your Confessions of a Trolley Dolly – Crew Manual. In this section, we will guide you through your inflight announcements (PAs), .....
  • The primary role of Cabin Crew onboard any aircraft around the world is safety. Forget your life jackets, safety cards, oxygen masks and seatbelts; should the proverbial hit the fan, we are the only piece of safety equipment passengers will need to .....
  • There aren’t many things more draining than a long flight on which you have no means of entertaining yourself. If you’re able to sleep that’s wonderful, but let’s face it – many of us don’t sleep particularly well on planes, even .....
  • What Made You Want To Be Cabin Crew?

    18/02/2015 // 18 Comments

    What made you want to be cabin crew? Was it the thought of travelling the world, visiting exotic and far-flung destinations and getting to stay in the best five-star hotels? Was it your desire to wear a fabulous designer uniform and strut your stuff .....

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