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United Airlines Unveils New Uniform

by Confessions of a Trolley Dolly in Galley FM

United Airlines has given us a first look at its new uniforms on Wednesday January 16, 2019. The new apparel was created in a partnership with fashion designer Tracy Reese, .....


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  • There aren’t many things more draining than a long flight on which you have no means of entertaining yourself. If you’re able to sleep that’s wonderful, but let’s face it – many of us don’t sleep particularly well on planes, even .....
  • Most people’s work places have somewhere employees can escape the stress and boredom of their jobs. Shops have back-rooms where staff can relax and enjoy their lunch – without fear of being pestered by a customer wishing to return a pair .....
  • How To Be The Perfect Airline Passenger

    05/07/2012 // 34 Comments

    Ladies and Gentleman a very warm welcome onboard. Do you ever wonder why cabin crew always give you dirty looks? Why the trolley always seems to bang into your elbows or knees as it passes? Why every time the crew get to your seat there’s only .....
  • Some people think that being cabin crew is easy. Well they’re wrong. It’s hard. It’s hard work getting an interview to get the job. It’s hard work actually getting the job. It’s hard work training for the job and .....
  • You Know You’re Cabin Crew When…..

    05/07/2013 // 59 Comments

    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls a very warm welcome onboard. Please now stow your hand luggage, take your seats, shut up and belt up. Recently I asked my lovely followers on social media to answer the following statement, ‘You know .....

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