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  • The Top Ten Cabin Crew Lies

    09/01/2013 // 113 Comments

    To be a good flight attendant, you also have to be a very good liar. It’s one of the unwritten requirements of the job. We lie to passengers from the moment they step onto the aircraft. “Good Morning” – What’s good .....
  • You Know You’re Cabin Crew When…..

    05/07/2013 // 59 Comments

    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls a very warm welcome onboard. Please now stow your hand luggage, take your seats, shut up and belt up. Recently I asked my lovely followers on social media to answer the following statement, ‘You know .....
  • When I began my cabin crew training many years ago, my fellow budding Trolley Dollies and I were told that when travelling, our beloved passengers ALWAYS leave their brains at home and to ALWAYS expect the unexpected. Well those crew trainers were .....
  • Over the course of my flying career I have encountered more disruptive passengers than I care to remember. When I say disruptive I don’t mean the ones who are annoyed because we don’t have any chicken left; or the ones who blame you .....
  • The A-Z Of Aeroplane Jetiquette

    04/02/2014 // 94 Comments

    The Oxford English dictionary defines the word ‘Etiquette’ as “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group”. Unfortunately, some of our beloved passengers have .....

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