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The Terrifying Tale Of ‘The Yellow One’

by Confessions of a Trolley Dolly in Cabin Crew

Sterling Airlines was founded in 1962, offering charter flights from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. But by the late 90’s the carrier was struggling financially due .....


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  • When I began my cabin crew training many years ago, my fellow budding Trolley Dollies and I were told that when travelling, our beloved passengers ALWAYS leave their brains at home and to ALWAYS expect the unexpected. Well those crew trainers were .....
  • What Made You Want To Be Cabin Crew?

    18/02/2015 // 18 Comments

    What made you want to be cabin crew? Was it the thought of travelling the world, visiting exotic and far-flung destinations and getting to stay in the best five-star hotels? Was it your desire to wear a fabulous designer uniform and strut your stuff .....
  • The Top Ten Cabin Crew Lies

    09/01/2013 // 113 Comments

    To be a good flight attendant, you also have to be a very good liar. It’s one of the unwritten requirements of the job. We lie to passengers from the moment they step onto the aircraft. “Good Morning” – What’s good .....
  • How To Be The Perfect Airline Passenger

    05/07/2012 // 34 Comments

    Ladies and Gentleman a very warm welcome onboard. Do you ever wonder why cabin crew always give you dirty looks? Why the trolley always seems to bang into your elbows or knees as it passes? Why every time the crew get to your seat there’s only .....
  • Have you ever heard cabin crew talking about ‘Crop dusting in cattle class?’ And who is this mysterious ‘Bob’ they keep referring to? Surely a ‘Stroke and grope’ can’t mean what it sounds like and what the .....

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