Welcome On Board!

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, a very warm welcome on board this international flight shortly departing for glitz, glamour and a peek behind that galley curtain; as we reveal what life is really like for your international trolley dollies at 35,000 feet.

We now ask that you give us a few moments of your time, while we take you through the safety features of this state-of-the-art jet.

A safety card is in your seat pocket. What use a piece of laminated card will be if our aircraft ploughs into a mountain is a mystery to me, but please take a quick look at the pretty pictures.

Confessions Safety Card

The exits are located here, here and here. They’re still open, so if you don’t like what you’ve seen so far I suggest you leave now.

Your seat-belt is used as demonstrated. If you don’t know how to fasten a seat-belt you probably shouldn’t be allowed out on your own.

If there is a drop in cabin pressure, masks will drop from above you. Grab a mask and pull it towards you. Then insert your credit card into the slot provided. This will start the oxygen supply. Place your own mask on before helping others. If you are travelling with two or more children, decide now which one you love most.

All passengers are provided with a complimentary life-jacket, should our flight become a cruise. Simply pop it over your head, pass the straps around your waist and tie in a double bow. It is also fitted with a light to attract the attention of passing sailors. We will pass through the cabin, handing out babies for the lifecots.

Please now ensure that your seat-belt is securely fastened. Your tray table stowed. Seat back up-right and that your luggage is safely stowed away. Smoking is only permitted in the smoking section which can be located on each wing. If you can light it, you can smoke it.

Please be advised that we operate a very strict NO policy onboard all of our flights.

Finally, ladies and gentleman, the cabin lights will shortly be dimmed for our departure, this is to improve the appearance of your cabin crew.

Thank you for listening to our safety briefing. For those of you that didn’t……good luck!

We would like to wish you a very pleasant flight today with confessionsofatrolleydolly.com”

© confessionsofatrolleydolly.com by Dan Air

Angels Of The Sky – British Airtours Flight 28M Manchester Ringway Disaster

Manchester Airport, early morning of August 22, 1985. It was the peak of the British summer holiday season, the airport was busy and hordes of passengers were arriving for their flights ready to be whisked off for some sunshine. Among them were 129 passengers and 2 infants travelling to Corfu, on British Airtours, British Airways’ charter subsidiary, Flight KT28M.

The service that morning was to be operated by a four-year old Boeing 737-236 (G-BGJL) ‘River Orrin’. The crew had reported at 5am for their pre-flight briefing and consisted of pilots Captain Peter Terrington and First Officer Brian Love; plus cabin crew Purser Arthur Bradbury and stewardesses Joanna Toff, who were working at the front and Sharon Ford and Jacqui Ubanski at the rear.


G-BGJL River Orrin

Little did any of them know that in a few hours, they would be involved in one of the deadliest air disasters in the UK, one that would change the face of the aviation industry and numerous safety procedures forever.
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A Day in the Life of Cabin Crew – BA CityFlyer

The primary role of Cabin Crew onboard any aircraft around the world is safety. Forget your life jackets, safety cards, oxygen masks and seatbelts; should the proverbial hit the fan, we are the only piece of safety equipment passengers will need to get them off that aircraft.

Cabin crew, no matter what airline they work for, are trained to the highest standards in emergency and standard operating procedures and of course first aid. What does differ from airline to airline is the inflight service offered by the crew. From the low-cost carriers who provide a buy-onboard service, to the ‘legacy’ airlines with their first, business and premier cabins, offering a vast array of fine dining, endless free drinks and countless other perks to entice you to fly with them.

One of the most exciting things about working in aviation is its variation. You can start your day in a grey and gloomy London and end up on a beach in the Bahamas. Shopping in New York, partying in Paris or sight-seeing in San Francisco, every day there is something new and exciting to look forward to. There’s also the people. We come in to contact with literally hundreds of different people every day, from the crew we fly with, to the ground staff we interact with and of course the passengers we carry.

To give you a taste of what it’s like to be Cabin Crew for various different airlines, I asked some of my lovely Dollies if they would be interested in telling their story of ‘A Day in the Life’ at their airline.

First up is one of my lovely crew members from BA Cityflyer. The airline is a wholly owned subsidiary of British Airways, operating a network of domestic and European services from its base at London City Airport with a fleet of Embraer E-170 and E-190 aircraft.


A busy morning at London City Airport (LCY) with some of BA CityFlyer’s Embraer fleet.

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#CoaTDNews – Airports Commission backs third Heathrow Runway

After decades of dithering about extra aviation capacity in South-east England, a third runway is needed at Heathrow: that is the conclusion of the Airports Commission set up by the Prime Minister.

But with fierce opposition to the scheme both inside and outside the Government, the door has been left open for a second runway at Gatwick instead.

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#CoaTDNews Alitalia unveils new livery and impressive upgrade to its cabin products.

This week, Italian national carrier Alitalia revealed its new livery and onboard cabin products at an event at Rome Fiumicino airport, in front of a large audience including Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi speaks at the launch event

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi speaks at the launch event

The livery has initially been painted on one of the airlines Airbus A330 aircraft, named Artemisia Gentileschi after the 17th century Italian artist, regarded as one of the most progressive and talented artists of her generation, and the embodiment of courage and human dignity.

The new livery will operate its first flight from Rome to Abu Dhabi on Friday, June 5, before returning to Milan.

In a statement the carrier said, “After 46 years, the green band will disappear from the fuselage for the first time. At the core of the new livery is a larger tricolour ‘A’ tailfin, which serves as a powerful representation of the Italian flag across the world. A more modern typeface and non-Italic style conveys the confidence and assertiveness of the new Alitalia. A warm ivory fuselage adds an element of Italian style and elegance to the scheme, and a sense of speed is created by a refined series of bands progressively leading towards the rear of the aircraft. The vibrant and contemporary new branding will also feature in the cabin décor of Alitalia’s modern fleet of Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft, allowing for fresher, more stylish, and uniquely Italian interiors which now feature the type of fine detailing and design associated with luxury sports cars”.

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Style In The Aisles – Aegean Airlines New Sophia Kokosalaki Uniforms

AEGEAN, a Star Alliance member, renewing its image and evolving the presence of its staff members, recently presented its new uniforms designed by the renowned London-based Greek fashion designer Sophia Kokosalaki.


In choosing Sophia Kokosalaki to design the company’s new uniforms, AEGEAN reaffirms its commitment to promote the work of Greeks around the world, hence highlighting the Greek nature of its operations.

Throughout all aspects of its operation, AEGEAN is inspired by Greece and the characteristics of its people.  A prime example is the selection of a Greek fashion designer excelling in the international fashion industry.

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‘Living The Dream’ by Emma Franieczek Book Review

A few months ago I was sent a manuscript for a new fictional ‘tell-all’ cabin crew book, written by one of my lovely followers Emma Franieczek.

At first I thought ‘here we go again’, another fictional story of us cart-tarts and our sordid affairs, endless parties and drunken antics. True, the sordid affairs, endless parties and drunken antics are all part of being crew. But did we really need another book about it?

Well after reading ‘Living The Dream’ I am pleased to say that it wasn’t just another kiss and tell story. Before turning her hand to writing, Emma used to be crew herself and knows only too well the trails and tribulations of being a trolley dolly.

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#CoaTDNews Delta teaming up with Zac Posen to bring modern American glamour to flying.

Delta Airlines have announced they will be partnering with New York-based designer Zac Posen, bringing high fashion and function as part of Delta’s new uniform collection, due in 2018.

“Through the partnership, Zac Posen will design a uniform collection for Delta’s flight attendants and airport customer service agents” said Delta. The airline also put out a statement from Mr. Posen, who said “I’m thrilled to partner with this classic American brand and look forward to creating a timeless, fashionable and functional new collection”.

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